Material Reviewed ReviewerppPub. DateReview Editor 
2022, Vol 2
Mahase, Radica. (2020). Why should we be called ‘Coolies’? The end of Indian indentured labour. New Delhi: Manohar. ISBN: 9780367676117 (HARDBACK), 222 pagesBrinsley Samaroo316 Nov. 2022Baytoram Ramharack
Lal, Brij V. (ed.) (2022). Girmitiyas: The Making of their Memory-Keepers from the Indian Indentured Diaspora. Delhi: Primus Books,  ISBN: 9789355720740 (HB), xv, 326 pagesLomarsh Roopnarine716 Nov. 2022Baytoram Ramharack
2021, Vol. 1
Jung Bahadur Singh of Guyana (1886-1956): Politician, ship doctor, labor leader and protector of Indians, by Baytoram Ramharack (2019, San Juan, Chakra Press, 378 pages)  Ravi Dev311 Oct 2021 Ganesh Chand
My Twenty-One Years in the Fiji Islands−A Review EssayKhemendra K. Kumar611 Oct 2021 Ganesh Chand