Indenture Dialogue

Dialogue: 2022 (Special Issue on Holi/Phagwa)
Rituals, Practices and Significance of Holi in North India in the 1960’s and 1970’s, as relayed by Young Adults from the 1960’s and 70’s
The Roles of the Hindu Jawaan Sangha and the Sanatan Dharma Maha Saba in the Revival of the Phagwa Festival in Post-1975 Trinidad & Tobago
The Cultural Appropriation, Secularization, Sacrilege, Desecration and Desacralisation of Phagwa (Holi)
Bollywood, Music and Phagwa: A Study in Cultural Representations
Negative Projection of Holi (Phagwa) Festival in Hindi Cinema
Bhang as a ‘gateway’ to study the Carnival of Phagwa
Personal Perspectives of an Urbanite Indian on Phagwa
Myriads of Cultural Cosmos: A Brief overview of Similarities between Chinese New Year and Phagwah Festival
An Analysis of the Portrayal of Holi in Selected Literature, Festivals and Films
Vasantotsav (Spring Festival) in Bengali Culture: Celebration and Philosophy
Phagwa Poetries: A Glimpse at Indian Literature on Phagwa
Dialogue: 2021  
Our Family’s Journey: From India to British Guiana and on to CanadaRoop Misir &
Anil J. Misir  
Bollywood and the Indian Diaspora Ouma Seebaluck  19