2021-Vol. 1(1)

Articles Author(s) pp
Indian Indenture at the Centre of World history? A PerspectiveKirk Meighoo3
India’s Political Influence in South AfricaMovindri Reddy11
From Suriname to India: The Remigration of Hindostanis 1878-1921Chan E.S. Choenni  31
Forebidden Freedom: A Study of Vagrancy amongst Indentured Workers in Mauritius, 1829-1890Satyendra Peerthum53
Organized Labour and the Indian Sugar Workers in British GuianaHazel Woolford85
Inadvertently written into history II: The Muslims who arrived in Trinidad, 1892-1901Halima-Saadia Kassim & Perry Polar111
Cause and Response to Inequalities in the Indentured Labour Diaspora: A Framework for Comparative AnalysisFarzana Gounder &
Maurits S. Hassankhan