Notes for Contributors


Indenture Papers

‘Indenture Papers: Studies on Girmitiyas’ is a new interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the study of the history, culture, politics and life of the Indian/Nepalese and South Asian indentured diaspora. It welcomes contributions on other indentured and post-slavery forced labour communities as well (for example, Melanesians, Chinese, Javanese, etc). The aim of the journal is to facilitate the publication of scholarship and research on a subject that, so far, does not have a single, established scholarly outlet. The journal is sponsored by the Global Girmit Institute, and is published in partnership with the NCIC-Heritage Centre (Trinidad), the Banaras Hindu University (India), IIT Patna (India), and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India) . It is advised by an international group of distinguished scholars.

This e-journal publishes 4 categories of papers:
1. Articles – fully refereed papers
2. Dialogue/Research Notes/Statistical Reviews (lighter papers; not refereed)
3. Reviews/Literature Surveys (book reviews, general or thematic literature surveys)
4. Records (records which may not be feasible available or accessible)
on any aspect related to the lives of Girmitiyas. We define ‘Girmitiyas’ as all those who trace their roots to the post-slavery indenture system rooted in British India/Nepal.

The unique feature of this journal is that it shall publish articles as there are processed, without awaiting for the processing of clusters of papers. Volumes shall be annually sequenced.

All Articles in the journal are refereed using international refereeing protocols. Papers in the Dialogue/Talanoa, Reviews, Research Notes, and Statistical Reviews sections are either lighter papers, including addresses, talks, panel discussion records, data records, or papers which authors wish to make available for wider circulation in order to get discussions going around the issues.

Manuscrips/submissions should be sent by electronic-mail. One may opt to send hardcopies by post. In all cases, the author’s name and affiliation should be on a separate page, and not be repeated in headers or footers.

Electronic submission: please ensure that the paper meets the journal’s style guidelines, and is in MS-Word format. Email the article to the Editor-in-Chief for the year (addresses given at the Editorial Board page) with copes to the Managing Editor ( &, and journal records (

Statement of Authorship and Copyright: Authors need to send with their papers a completed ‘Statement of Authorship and Copyright’ attached with this note.

Editorial Office

Address for formal delivery of documentation: The Editor, Indenture Papers, C/- Global Girmit Institute, P O Box 7580, Lautoka, Fiji.

Correspondences are to be addressed to , with copies to the Managing Editor ( & and